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Directed by Dr. Denise Trochesset, Stony Brook Oral Pathology serves eastern Long Island, providing oral and maxillofacial histopathologic and cytopathologic diagnostic services. Our biopsy service is specifically oriented to dental and medical practitioners including general dentists, oral surgeons endodontists, periodontists, and otolaryngologists.

Stony Brook Oral Pathology
Stony Brook, New York 11794-7025
Tel: (631) 632-SBOP (7267)
Fax: (631) 444-3419

Set Up an Account

To use our service, begin by setting up an account for your office.You only need to do this once. Call (631) 444-8253. Tell us the doctor's name, NYS license number, NPI number and office address with phone and fax number.

Submit a Biopsy

Once you've set up your account with us, you can call for a specimen countainer and requisition form whenever you need to submit a biopsy. We will have a courier deliver it to your office. When your specimen is ready, contact us and we'll have a courier pick it up for return delivery. Courier service is free.

Analytical Techniques

We offer immunofluorescence for the diagnosis of vesiculobullous disorders. immunhistochemistry for diagnosis of salivary gland and soft tissue tumors, and cytology for diagnosis of candidiasis, premalignant or malignant change in epithelium and recurrent herpes.

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Other Services

Stony Brook Oral Pathology also offers radiographic and oral medicine consultations.
Have your patient phone (631)632-8971.